What is it?

An online platform, communications outlet and app, intended to support transformational change programmes without using heavily transactional intranets.

27edition is an e magazine that revolutionises the way employees engage, collaborate and communicate whilst undertaking digital transformation.

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Why was it created?

Corporate communication updates were too infrequent, too long and lacked inspiration. Employees needed an engaging platform to strengthen connections with their peer network and the wider employee community, especially through periods of business change.

The solution needed to be easily accessible and have the ability for employees to post their own content, forward or share information with their team and delve deeper into interesting topics.

Problems solved

Clients were able to communicate changes as they occurred. 27edition readers were informed and able to provide instant feedback on changes. All employees have access to large amounts of project content that they can read at their disposal without cluttering their inbox.

27edition supported leaders through a large digital transformation programme by providing them with the latest updates, access to documents on the go and the means to collaborate with one another for peer assisted development.

27edition removed reliance on email and increased involvement and communication. It can be used on any device and allows employees to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) so users can stay updated at work, on the move or at home - it even works offline.

The user-friendly content management system drove user adoption. Anyone with the right access can upload media items, create polls and write blog posts.

Features and Functions

  • Social - comments, likes, sharing, votes, etc.
  • People profiles - make communication and employee connections more accessible
  • Feedback – polling and Q&A
  • Multimedia (video, text and document downloads) retains user's interest
  • Offline usage - no user location restrictions with offline usage
  • Integration - intranet, SharePoint and Yammer


4,000 article views a month from 6500 leaders

1,100 published articles

400 videos

Accelerated social engagement