What is it?

A gamified learning and development app where users complete stages, earn points and unlock the next level to improve their knowledge.

27learn is a reference tool, it provides a mobile catalogue of products for sales agents in the field and works offline.

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Why was it created?

Unilever were looking to improve their global sales capability and reduce attrition risk. They needed a new initiative to train and build knowledge in the field. Their fragmented workforce operated with limited ‘text book’ resources and little or no internet communication.

Workforce education is critical to Unilever's success and became increasingly difficult with the high degree of employee turnover and knowledge fade. They needed training content to be engaging, accessible and memorable. 27partners partnered with Accenture to create Unilever Field Sales App (UFSA,) a channel to train and educate their workforce of predominantly contractors in the field.

Problems solved

Unilever now have an easily accessible training portal. They can efficiently track progress and monitor overall performance to identify centres of excellence and provide additional training for common knowledge gaps.

The offline app allowed field sales agents to access training content and use the mobile catalogue to increase sales and reinforce best practice.

The tool showed Unilever’s commitment to people development and significantly improved team morale. In turn, this improved productivity across the disunified workforce. The locked content and tracking mechanisms bought a focus to face to face meetings individuals had with their supervisors.

Features and Functions

  • Static offline content, quizzes and tasks
  • Simple navigation
  • Access control
  • Reporting and statistics gathering
  • Syndication to multiple markets from a global instance


6% increase in sales in the first 6 months

Reduction in attrition by 30%

Improved engagement and morale