What is it?

A performance management tool that empowers employees to own their feedback, career and network. 27listen revolutionises the way organisations manage their future in a simple and more effective way.

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Why was it created?

Our clients were starting to see a disconnected workforce and a cumbersome annual feedback review cycle. There was poor connection between management and team members. This was particularly apparent in global teams that were not co-located.

With slow and underdeveloped feedback, entire workforces were unable to get the proper reviews, opportunities and feedback they needed to develop. Our client saw a growing attrition risk and an opportunity to be market leaders within the industry.

27listen was created to revolutionise the way companies communicate, develop and review its people.

Problem solved

27listen provides a responsive feedback mechanism and channel to connect a global workforce. This mobile app can be used at any time and makes suggestions of colleagues to review based on recent meeting attendees. 27listen increased engagement and personal development across the workforce.

Managers were able to connect with their team and learn more about their aspirations, strengths, interest areas by viewing their profile page. Each individual has a profile with up to 10 information fields that is integrated with external platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Yammer.

The 'Activity Feed' can be used to overcome issues of inefficient email services and resistant employees.

Features and Functions

  • Personal user profiles
  • Positive or development opportunities which can be sent to all levels
  • Customised groupings to tailor communication
  • Option to favourite people, makes them easier to refer back to later
  • Options to list and view previous projects users have worked with
  • Google analytics to analyse and optimise usage and adoption
  • Integration with external platforms such as LinkedIn, Yammer and Google Calendars
  • Tutorials which walk you through how the app itself works and how best to use it
  • ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) sign on
  • Temperature checks - “great”, “meh”, “bad” with justification choice


In just 4 weeks our first pilot saw 200+ users with 600+ pieces of feedback

27listen has driven cultural change and innovation

Rebranded and deployed across 2 other clients

Silver Award for Best Innovation at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2015